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Medisoft Hangs/Freezes on Open

There are times when Medisoft appears to hang/freeze when opening, it may be frozen or it could be working very hard or there maybe another program causing it to hang/freeze.


Normally this issue is seen either right after seeing the splash screen for Medisoft or right after entering the password for Medisoft Practice log in.


The easiest way to test if this is a temporary issue is to first restart the workstation you are opening Medisoft on.


The next thing you want to check is if Medisoft is actually frozen or if it is still actually 'working'.

To do this:

1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and you should see an option for 'Start Task Manager', select this option or it may just start the 'Task Manager' depending on your version of Windows.


2. Switch to the 'Processes' Tab


3. Click on the 'Image Name' column header to sort by 'Image Name'


4. Look for 'MAPA.EXE' in the list of process image names.


5. Check under the 'CPU' column:

a. if the CPU is 00, then Medisoft is probably hung/frozen

b. if the CPU is not 00 and bounces various numbers, Medisoft is still working on something in the background but this may indicate something is causing it to appear hung/frozen because it is continuously looping for some reason


6. With either case normally trying to close out of all other open programs will be the best place to start. (except task manager and Medisoft)


7. Once all visible windows are closed, go through the system tray and close as many items as you can. (except task manager and Medisoft)


8. Back in the Task Manager Window, verify you are NOT 'Showing processes from All Users'.  Normally this is a current end-user program that is causing the hang/freeze with Medisoft.


9. Go through and 'End Process' on each process other than Taskmgr.exe & MAPA.exe

a. Check Medisoft after closing each process to see if it has resumed opening the practices

b. most often we have seen Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox cause issues and normally once closing these processes Medisoft will pick backup and continue loading the practice without issues

c.  Explorer.exe, DWM.exe, winLogon are all critical windows processes and if you end task on these, restarting your computer would be the best way to get back to normal.