Novitas Medicare Switchover

As you know TrailBlazer will be transitioning claims processing to Novitas Solutions. 

The cutover dates are:

  • Part A Claims October 29, 2012
  • Part B Claims November 19, 2012


The change in fiscal intermediary will require different actions by our clients based on a host of variables. These variables include:

  • Are you currently receiving payments electronically (EFT)?
  • Are you sending claims via a clearinghouse?
  • Are you sending claims via Print Image or ANSI (Revenue Manager or Simple 837)?
  • Are you sending claims direct to TrailBlazer?
  • Are you using PC-Ace Pro 32?

The action plans for each item are:

  1. Action Plan - Electronic Funds Transfer

  2. Action Plan - Sending Claims Via Clearinghouse
    (NOTE - There are different actions needed depending on whether you are sending claims via Print Image or ANSI)

  3. Action Plan - Sending Claims Direct to TrailBlazer

  4. Action Plan - PC Ace-Pro32 users

 If you have questions about these communications, please e-mail with your questions.