Action Plan - PC Ace-Pro32 users

This communication will apply only to practices that currently use the PC-ACE Pro 32 software from Medicare to access reports or send claims in the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.  If you do not submit claims in this manner or not in the listed states, this communication can be disregarded. 

If you currently use the PC-ACE Pro32 billing software provided by TrailBlazer, you can continue to use this software until the cutover to Novitas Solutions is complete. You will, however, have to change the dial-in number you use to connect within your telecommunications software if you choose to early board with Novitas Solutions. The early boarding will be available in September for Part A or October for Part. The dial-in number for connectivity to the Novitas Solutions Bulletin Board will be provided in the near future.

Effective on or after your scheduled production cutover date, you will be required to download Novitas Solutions’ PC-ACE Pro32 version from the Novitas Solutions Web site. You must continue to use the PC-ACE Pro32 billing software provided by TrailBlazer until cutover. We will provide detailed instructions, closer to cutover, regarding the download of Novitas Solutions’ PC-ACE Pro32 and required system changes. A letter will be mailed to PC-ACE users, providing the installation password that will be needed to upgrade to the Novitas Solutions version. Alternatively, you may wish to acquire assistance from a certified vendor, billing service or clearinghouse for EDI services.

If you have questions or require additional assistance, please contact their EDI Help Desk at 1-888-541-3827.

Link to PC-ACE PRO32 Install Files:  (NOTE – do not download and install until your cutover date)

For more information on the changes to the PC-ACE Pro32 software and other related topics, click on the following link: 

We hope that the information presented during this series has been helpful.  

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